Category: Power Sources

Thermal Energy

A thermoelectric power plant is an industrial plant used in the generation of electric energy from the energy released by any product which can generate heat, such as various types of plant waste, wood residue, natural gas and others. Advantages Its construction process is quicker, allowing for energy to be supplied faster; They are alternatives [...]

Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric energy is the obtaining of electric energy by using the potential energy from the flow of a river. The kinetic energy is transformed into mechanical energy by rotating the blades of turbines that make up the hydroelectric plant system. There is no emission of significant gaseous pollutants in the process of energy generation; It [...]

Solar Energy Photovoltaic

Photovoltaic solar energy is the energy which come directly from the conversion of sunlight into electricity obtained from solar panels made of photovoltaic cells. Advantages Renewable energy; Low demand for maintenance; Does not generate any residues and does not emit any polluting gases; Small and large scale units; One of the best alternatives for isolated [...]

Wind Energy

Wind energy derives from the ability to harness the wind power in a particular geographic region to produce electricity. The kinetic energy of the wind is converted by means of wind turbines or wind generators. Advantages Renewable energy; It is inexhaustible; Does not produce waste; Used as a replacement for fossil fuel sources; Decreases greenhouse [...]